Benie’s 10th birthday party

Benie just celebrated his 10th birthday. I wanted to share with you how amazing he is. We had tea party birthday lunch to share his special day. My little granddaughter who is nearly three loves him so much and couldn’t wait to sing happy birthday to Benie and blow out the candles and then have her tea party.  He is such a joy to us.

I cannot imagine not waking up with him each morning; he is so human Bob and I never seem to have enough of kisses and hugs. It’s difficult to believe that 10 years have gone by since you sent him to us and to think we deliberated and could not make up our minds to have another Standard.  We can never thank you enough for such the special gift you sent us. I hope you have been well and still breeding such amazing Poodles. My best to you always,


Greetings from Florida

It has been many years since you have heard from me but I wanted to pass on a couple of pictures of my Gordy and tell you how he has been. You may remember, it was about 8-9 years ago now when you sent him to me here in Jack Bowen family 2 Florida. I was going to call him AK (Alexander Keith) but once I saw him, he just looked like a Gordon. The name fits him perfectly. He has been a joy each and every day since then. He has a great disposition and is full of good character. You should see him smile! I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. In fact my wife now, my girlfriend back then, fell in love with him before she did me and I owe him (and you) quite a lot for that!

As the years have gone by he has turned into a fine older gentleman. He has maintained his health and a good disposition throughout the years. We take him everywhere and he loves life. He especially likes going camping and being out on the boat. I don’t think he is leaving us anytime soon but my wife and I have made it a point to make his later years his best. I just wanted to thank you and make sure you knew what a pleasure he has been in our family.

Regards,  Jack