Sabrina – Forever Remembered

Sabrina on the Shore at Cape Cod

With sadness, tears, and a heavy heart, I write to tell you that Sabrina took a sudden turn for the worse these past two weeks as she was about to turn 16 1/2 years old. Thank your for sending us such an amazing puppy. She was a true family member and had a wonderful life; we miss her so very much. She will be in our hearts forever. One of my favorite pictures of Sabrina was taken at our home in Cape Cod – her absolute favorite place to be.

We are mourning Sabrina but we also look forward to welcoming a new poodle puppy into our lives soon. Thank you again for blessing us with Sabrina for so many years. We look forward to perpetuating her legacy with one of your magnificent puppies.


Sabrina – 16 years old on October 10th

Sabrina is approaching her 16th birthday on October 10th (born October 10, 2001). She is doing very well; still walking one to two miles a day. Here is a video of Sabrina taken in her favorite place at our beach house by the water on Cape Cod. She loves it there! Thank you for Sabrina so very much – she is such a love.

We are thinking of giving Sabrina a bit of company with a sister in her senior years. When are you expecting a new litter?  Are the parents descendants of Sabrina’s parents?

I heard that you may be selling the farm. I am so glad that you will still be a godmother to poodle puppies in the future.

Very best & thanks again,