Kali & Jagger of Riverview

Kali and Jagger

My husband and I have had two beautiful puppies from fairhill farm over the past twelve years. Kali is almost seven years old and is a wonderful companion. Sadly, Jagger died last August from lymphoma. He was the offspring of Shy Valentine (Pookie) and Zelda. He was the best dog we have ever owned. He was 12 years old, lived a full life and was only sick for the last two weeks of his life. His passing has left a big void in our hearts and even Kali was several weeks getting over the loss of her dog.

Riverview, NB

A letter from Gracie

Hi Mama,

It’s been a long time since I’ve written to you. My life is just so busy now that both Mom and Dad are retired. We have lots of walks (my favorite thing) every day. I like the beach in the summer but still only go in up to my elbows. Also I have to spend time each day chasing the cats and napping.

So it’s a happy, busy life here in Antigonish. Mom wants me to tell you that I’m very healthy and well behaved. I love people, especially the littlest ones, and my family loves me very much.

Woof Woof,


Sagi Remembered

little Sagi

little Sagi

big Sagi

big Sagi

fun on the beach

fun Sagi

sweet Sagi and kitty

sweet Sagi

Sagi was a special poodle.  From the start, he stood out in  his litter as a special little guy with a big personality.  Although his life was too short it was filled with his awesome and unique joy.  He left an unforgetable mark on the people who knew him and especially those that loved him.  

Winston enjoys new baby brother

Winston and NoahWe have been so blessed to have Winston in our lives. Winston will be six this year. He makes every day interesting and is a very loyal, lovable companion. He is so unbelievably intelligent and always listens.

Winston became a big brother in July 2013 and has been the best big brother we could have ever hoped for. He wasn’t sure about the crying at first and would imitate the baby but has grown to love his two legged brother very much. Noah will take the toys over to Winston to play and Winston will very gently take the toy from him and then shake it all around which causes Noah to have the deepest belly giggle ever!


Melissa, Anthony & Noah
Calgary, AB


A Letter from Gracie

Dear First Mama:

I am well and happy as you can see by the big smile in this picture!

Smiling Gracie

Smiling Gracie


I was two years old last May. My favorite things are walks with Mom, playing with my pal Pepper, (who is just a little squirt – a Jack Russell Terrier), chasing our cats, sleeping on Dad’s lazy-boy and spending summers at the cottage where I can be a free-range poodle. Life is good!!!

I hope everything is wonderful at Fairhill Farm and there are still lots of puppies for people to love.

Woof Woof,
Love Gracie (and Anne)

Gracie’s first winter

Gracie plays in snow 2013Hi Mom

Do you like winter?  I sure do and have really enjoyed my first one. I love racing around in the snow and sticking my head in snow banks. It’s great fun.  I love to eat, especially treats. I finished my lessons with our trainer and did very well…he said I was a “trainer’s dream”…and in the spring I’ll be going to classes with other dogs (mostly because I’m a little scared of them) and my Mom is putting me in day care at least once a week so that I can make friends and have other dogs to play with.  I think I’ll have fun once I get used to it.    

Woof . . . Woof !!   Gracie

Merry Christmas from Gracie & family

 Hello Mom

 I’m very excited about my first Christmas.  Since I’ve been so good I know Santa is going to leave a few nice treats for me.

I think you know that I wasn’t feeling well for awhile this fall. At first the doctor thought I had a throat infection and I was on antibiotics for 10 days. However my cough came back and seemed to be worse so Mom took me to another vet who said he thought it was lungworm…yuck …so I had to take another medication and it worked!!   I haven’t coughed in weeks and since I never lost my appetite for food or a good time, the vet said it wasn’t anything too serious. He said that country dogs (that would include field poodles like me) often get lungworm and it’s easily treated.

On a happier note, my new Mom and I have a trainer who comes to our house once a week to teach me how to behave – and so far I sit, lie down, stand, stay and walk on a loose leash.  All things I knew how to do before, but now when they make a funny move with their hand I do them automatically. My trainer, Ian, says that I’m a trainer’s dream.  In the New Year, we’ll be working on coming when called (I’m planning to give them a run for their money on that one) and how to not get too excited and jump all over people when they come to visit: don’t blame me, I can’t help it I just love folks. Also in the New Year we’ll be going to a class and there will be lots of other dogs and people which will be fun.

I’ve been to the groomers a few times and also stayed in a very nice doggy hotel one night when Mom had to go away.  I was excellent at both.

I hope you and everyone at Fairhill Farm will have a great Christmas and I’ll send some pictures in the New Year.

Woof Woof for now,

Gracie and Anne