Bridget: A long life full of love and happiness


I am saddened to tell you that our Bridget passed away this past October. We are so very grateful to have had her for 16, almost 17, years. This summer we celebrated her birthday in great style at our house in East Hampton with an evening walk on her favorite beach. She had slowed down the last two years, but we can happily report that she had the very best life. She was truly our family member. Our two children were mere toddlers when you sent her to us, and now they are young adults.

Bridget didn’t have a mean bone in her body, and she would lean on guests and look at them with her big doe eyes and melt everyone’s heart. She was a bit famous in among our family and friends as she had bountiful energy when outside, yet was sweet and docile when home. She was very attentive yet comfortable in her own skin and was never needy.

We all miss Bridget very much, and we know we need time to mourn her, but we also look forward to welcoming a new poodle puppy into our family when the time is right.

Tamara and family

Bridget – the town & country poodle

Bridget & pony

Bridget & Pony

Gabby&Bridget in pool

Bridget Cools Off

Bridget will be fifteen years old in July. She has had an amazing life and since both of my kids were very young when we got her they have grown up with her. My daughter is in college now and my son in high school.

We could not have asked for a better dog. We live in NYC but go to our cottage every weekend. Bridget is well adjusted to both city and country life and is very special; kind, gentle, sweet-natured and just wonderful. She has always been very healthy but the past few months she is starting to show signs of her age.

We would love another puppy from you because we cannot imagine owning any other dog but Bridget so a puppy from your farm would be the closest thing.

Thanks kindly,

Jake’s Summer of 2014

This was Jake’s “coming of age” summer and it was filled with many “firsts” and new adventures. He will be one year old on October 24th and he is nearly full grown at 67 lbs. Jake is mellow at home and with people but is a whirlwind when he plays with other dogs, engaging any dog from tiny to tall with good humor and energy.

We embarked on our big adventure with a 1,000-mile car trip from Syracuse to New Glasgow, N.S. to visit my sister and family. Jake was a trooper. Most of the drive he looked out the window and enjoyed the view. We stayed in cottages in Maine to break up the trip and a hotel on the way back, and he took it all in stride.

The one thing Jake is not keen on is swimming, although he is an athletic swimmer with strong and steady strokes and an air of determination. He will go in the water after much coaxing but when in the water he is on a mission to herd us out.

Jake Rescues Stick at Water's Edge

Jake Rescues Stick at Melmerby Beach

Jake’s passion is sticks, but even that would not induce him to swim — he waits for the waves to bring it in.

On the other hand he’s happy to be afloat.

Jake On Board Boat

Jake On Board Boat


Jake: First Mate

Jake: First Mate

Jake enjoys paddle board with some gentle coaxing

Jake on paddle board with gentle coaxing

Jake will follow his friend Lucia anywhere and stepped on the paddle board after her. I think he was wishing he hadn’t, but he didn’t jump off and had a little cruise. We could tell by the tucked ears that he would have rather been on dry land.

Jake Enjoying Summer at Chance Harbour

Jake Enjoying Summer at Chance Harbour



A luxurious resting stretch on the deck is still Jake’s favorite  pastime. He practices this stretch under the table. I think his personal best was touching four people’s legs and toes simultaneously.

We met many people this summer, including at a house concert with 150 guests. Nothing rattled Jake. More than once I was told “I would get a dog if I could have one like that!”

With all our best wishes,
Barbara & Jake

Jake of Syracuse: Strudel & Keeper’s puppy

Jake seems to grow by the minute. He is becoming more sure of himself and starting to have a mind of his own, but is still a sweetheart who loves everyone. He knows how to make friends with every kind of person, from the vet technician to students at the university, and every single dog he meets.

Jake & Friends Make the Most of a Snow Day

Jake & Friends Make the Most of a Snow Day

We’ve had lots of snow so he’s in his element. He stayed with friends while I traveled to Vancouver and had a great time playing with the girls (see photo). In the back yard he goes diving for things under the snow. Could be a chipmunk or “eau de deer” or just a stick. Everything smells interesting.

In the house he knows how to cover my feet for maximum contact and warmth. Sleeps all night in a crate next to me, doesn’t fuss when I move from room to room, and doing his “business” outside goes without saying. We recently started meeting up with “The Gang” at the local dog park/baseball field. He was cautious for the first day, tentative the next, and now runs with the big dogs chasing frisbees.  He’s careful to acknowledge their seniority but doesn’t hide behind my legs either. His social manners are impeccable, which I attribute to you, Kathryn. The vet commented, ” Hey maybe it’s time I got myself a poodle!”

Jake on Erie Canal Tow Path

Jake on Erie Canal Tow Path

Here is a photo from a few days ago walking on the old mule towpath of the Erie Barge Canal. It’s gray and dreary, but beautiful in it’s own way. Jake doesn’t care about wind, sleet, snow or rain, as long as he’s outside and has snow to dive into and kick into the air. Difficult to see in the photos but if you use your imagine you will see a sweet face with soulful eyes and wet nose.

Barbara & Jake of Syracuse

Erie Canal Mule Tow Path in Another Season

Erie Canal Mule Tow Path in Another Season



About the Erie Canal: This is a lovely part of the world with a very interesting history. The canal allowed Syracuse to become a thriving city since it was midway between Albany (on the  Hudson River) and Buffalo (on Lake Erie). The barges got weighed here and the weigh station is now a museum. Freight could travel up the Hudson from NY City and then through a series of locks all the way through the Mohawk Valley by way of the Canal to Lake Erie and then on to Chicago. Some of the old locks still remain. It’s peaceful walking at all times of year and it’s a great place to watch the seasons change. Jake will follow in the footsteps of my beloved Chelsea who loved to walk there as she got older because it’s flat, but also full of things to sniff and see.





Jake Finds a Welcome Home in Syracuse

Things are going along swimmingly, and we’re on Day Two of living here in Syracuse.

You are right that Air Canada Cargo handles the shipping of animals very well. We arrived at the office and were told that there would be a wait of up to an hour as the plane got unloaded and cargo got transported from another area of the airport. Then I noticed that one of the men quietly said something and in a few minutes Jake was there. I think he personally went and got him rather than waiting for the whole shipment to get there. We were beyond excited.

I followed your instructions and put on the collar and leash inside the crate, but Jake would not come out. A slight tug or two plus coaxing with the Air Canada guy’s pot of baked beans produced no response from Jake. Finally we sort of lifted him out under his armpits and he stood astonished. The car was pulled up to the door and he gratefully landed in Lucia’s arms. He had his own side but immediately crawled on her, snout under her arm and spent the entire trip snoozing, watching her iPhone with her, and not making a peep. Several stops for breaks with no results, but no complaints either.

Jake Reluctant to Leave Crate

Jake Reluctant to Leave Crate

We got home before midnight. I set up the crate near my bed and near the sliding doors to the deck. We stayed up an hour watching the news. He had an “accident” in the rush of getting things in the house, but nothing afterwards. The first few minutes in the crate he complained and knocked about, but I was so exhausted I could feel myself dropping off and he did too. We slept about five hours, woke up for a pee break and slept for another three hours. Jake dozed on and off all day, but did eat and drink, and poop outside.

Jake Snoozing in New Home

Jake Snoozing in New Home


The best part is that I must work when I’m home, and I have to concentrate. He is beautiful and just lays at my feet; snoozing, dreaming, getting up occasionally to walk around. I’m still figuring out the house arrangement to minimize puppy-teasing details such as books, wires, etc. Do you know what kinds of chew toys he likes?  He isn’t all that fond of anything I’ve bought, but does have interest in my boots, blankets, etc. so vigilance is essential.

All in all things are going well and you made a great match.


Strudel’s & Apple’s puppies journey to new homes in far off places

Jake: Travel Destination Syracuse, NY by way of Ottawa

Jake: Travel Destination Syracuse, NY by way of Ottawa

 Jake, from Strudel & Keeper’s litter leaves for his new home in Syracuse.  Patiently waiting for the holidays to be over and the weather to improve he flies out soon to Ottawa where his new mom will be eagerly waiting for his arrival.



Parrett puppy for California

San Francisco Here I Come!



Sandy’s new little sweetie-pie puppy will be flying across the continent to find a joyful new home in the San Francisco area.




Two traveling companions head to the sunny southwest USA

Two traveling companions head to the sunny southwest USA

Traveling together to Phoenix, AZ  these two puppies are finding a double bunk that is just right.  Strudel’s pup, Mac, final destination Tucson, AZ and Apple’s puppy with a new home waiting for her in Austin, Texas are traveling together.  It makes puppy sense and saves people some cents, too!



 We can always find room for just one more in the puppy road vehicle and this little girl decided to join the gang on her way to a new home in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

PS – Just found out my new name is Ruby – how great is that!!

puppy for BarkerOops: This kennel is too big for little me!

Oops:This kennel is too big for little me!

Peregrine FHF by Draco: Superstar hunter



This past year Peregrine placed sixth for children’s hunter horse Zone 2 and is qualified for Zone 2 finals –  the most competitive in the US.

He qualified and competed in the $250,000.00 Hunter Prix Final at Saugerties and just missed the top twenty-five.

He placed fifth for Horse of the Year in US Hunter-Jumper Association

He stayed sound for thirty-one horse shows.

Peregrine had seven championships and three reserves.

Peregrine hunter trot

Sadly he is for sale as his rider is off to college. 





This horse has been beyond amazing and it has been an honor to own him. 

Lisa Brody

Peregrine FHF by Draco 2001 at Fairhill Farm

Peregrine FHF by Draco at Fairhill Farm 2001



Bertie just got his first real hair cut and he came home looking so cute that I thought I would send you a photo of him.

Bertie 2

Although my husband wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of our getting a poodle, he mentions at least every other day how much affection he now feels for Bertie. He really is a very personable dog. When he knows we are going out to walk he does a little dance, if I am lying on the couch reading he comes an puts his head on my shoulder, he trots after me as I go about my chores and now that we have a couple of feet of snow he is treating it as if it were water to jump through. He delights in running around in it and coming into the house caked with snow and then shaking himself off.

We hosted 48 people for Thanksgiving and the amount of compliments I got on his personality and demeanor would have made you proud. He was calm, friendly and mellow. No one could believe that a puppy would be so easy going with so many people around.

My 15 month old granddaughter is still not terribly steady on her feet and he can knock her over in his rush to get to me, but she has learned that if she pushes him on the shoulder he will give way! The 6 year old boys are happy to run outside with him and throw him a Frisbee and are determined to teach him to jump through a hula hoop.

He is fully housebroken, but we still have work to do on some basic commands such as “come” which he seems to think is optional depending upon what other choices he might want — such as to play outside. He walks at heel when he is on a leash and we go for our walks which makes it very nice for me that I don’t have a dog pulling me along.

I want to thank you – you chose well for me and my family. I love having Bertie as my companion and find him entertaining and personable, gentle yet lively and in every way a dog to love!

Phyllis, New York