Gabriele in Ottawa



Gabriele is thriving and today weighs 20 pounds. She is happy and bouncy and much prefers people to other dogs. She has learned to sit and lie down and to come, especially if she suspects there may be a treat involved.

I took her for puppy grooming ten days ago, which went very well – no fuss with grooming and is interested in watching other dogs on the grooming table. She is house trained with only the odd accident when in a new part of the house.

All in all, we are very happy with each other.

Jazz in Ottawa

Jazz is a wonderful companion and like Beau before him is linguistically inclined. He quickly learns the names of people and of dogs at the dog park.  He is keyed in to almost everything I say or do. 

Although gentle and easy to handle at home in the large dog park, which he adores, he runs like the wind and is quite a rough player with other dogs especially the large dogs. He is certainly not timid, which at first I thought he might be.

Here is a photo of him doing his yoga, which he does frequently when he wants something.


Jazz in yoga pose

Jazz in yoga pose


JAZZ: embracing the Canadian winter

Just a note to wish all a happy holiday season and to celebrate that Jazz was one year old yesterday.  He is a very good companion; a lot of fun but also calm and easy to train (if only I were a good trainer).  One thing I appreciate, living in a city, is that he pees and poops on command, not just anywhere. This is especially good when it is -15 degrees and I do not want to walk far from the house.
Judith in Ottawa
There is Outdoors: So much fun! 
Jazz snow in winter 2013
Or Indoors: Poodle heaven!
Jazz winter comforts 2013