Agility duo: Corky & Drummond


Corky over agility obstacle

I just wanted to update you on my boys: Corky and Drummond.

Corky¬† (aka Cortland) gets better and better at agility, although the truth might be that it’s me getting better. He’s so willing and attentive to every nuance of my body. He would do anything to please me and I’ve never had a dog that snuggled like he does, sitting on my lap, leaning on my chest with his head nestled in the crook of my neck. And then he goes out and beats up Drummond in a play fight – so he’s no wussie.

Drummond is my dear clown. Always thinking, with an amazing and sometimes crazy sense of humour. He just turned three and is finally starting to settle down a little. He is going to be a great agility dog, if I can keep his attention long enough. He’s so darned smart and I’m getting wonderful distance with his commands, a necessity when you’re a half-crippled senior trying to run. Corky matches my stride so that I’m never too far behind him but Drum has strength and speed and it’s such a pleasure to be able to send him out to an obstacle and have him do it flawlessly. He really is incredibly smart and he learns so quickly. His only “downfall” is his love of people; downfall in agility, that is. This winter’s lessons will concentrate on helping him to learn that the judge and ring crew are not there to say hello and rub his bum. He certainly does love socializing.

Susan Whelan


Murphy is now a year old. He brings us so much joy and laughter every day. He is very obedient and well behaved. Everyone warned us that puppies were a lot of work but he was no trouble at all. Here are a couple pictures of him recently. He loves going for walks and being outside.

Kendra & Josh



Murphy "carry a big stick!"

Murphy “carry a big stick!”