Syd – a farewell for the very best






Our hearts 💕are broken
Our tears are flowing😢
TODAY we lost someone
Who was  WELL WORTH knowing

SYD, Kathy and Dave’s beloved standard poodle
Was a  dog of  GREAT renown

Known FAR and WIDE and all around town

He  surely was ONE of the VERY BEST
By the BEST
Admired and loved WHEREVER he did go

His manners were IMPECCABLE
Never EVEN took a bite

In fact, never gave a single soul a FRIGHT
And for those who have met him they will NEVER forget him


Didn’t gobble his food, only chewed, always polite, never rude

Syd’s  patience, while waiting for bacon

How squirrels were chased, but always out of reach

How he loved  to run,  and how he loved to  walk on the beach

The way that he tilted his head, understanding EVERY  word that was said

The tail wags, when you tickled him under his chin.  I’m sure that he definitely managed a grin.

Syd was LOVED, he was CARED for,  his life was the BEST
May you go peacefully SYD,   be at rest

May the squirrels be waiting to give you a chase
May Walter be up for a very fast race
May you know that we loved you

We’ll love you forever
There never was a dog who could have been better.



Poodle Serendipity in Twillingate

We four are at Twillingate at a campground with our Roadtrek. Tori and Boye are enjoying the change in scenery.

Out of the woods came two standard poodles. We let all the poodles off leash and they had a ball.  As it turned out they were relatives! Phoebe and Gilbert – red and black with Keeper being the father of both. Boye‘s sire was also Keeper. They really had a family time. The owners are from Nova Scotia but living in Cornerbrook for the last seven years.

We spent only one night in a motel when we were in Newfoundland and “the queen” made the most of it.

“I am ready for bed!” Victoria Reine has settled in.


Lesley and Jean and Tori and Boye.


Lacey the Lover turns six

Lacey the lover of all things

This is Lacey’s sixth birthday – already!

She is such a joy; smart, funny, athletic and quite the lover.  Lacey loves kitties, and her best buddy is a little Corgi named Hazel.

Lacey can be so silly. She loves practicing agility and she loves, loves, loves the outdoors!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup. I love her so much.


Ginger: the darling of St. Mary’s Parish

Father Gil & Ginger 2009

Ginger 2019

Ten years ago I came to fairhill farm and you suggested that Ginger would be the best fit for me. Today she is 10 years old and still very much the puppy. She had her checkup a few weeks ago and the veterinarian said that she was in excellent health – including her very good teeth.
I am grateful to you, Kathryn, for you steering me to Ginger. She is a great companion and friend and is the darling of St Mary’s Parish here in Prince George. We have our regular walks and she is always happy to see me when I come home.

Thank you for giving me many happy memories.

God bless,

Gilbert J. Bertrand OMI
St. Mary’s Church
Prince George BC

Rip – living life to the fullest

Rip dressed as UPS man for Halloween 2018

Rip crossed the rainbow bridge before his time. He was a wonderful dog and we couldn’t have asked for a better companion. He maintained the same qualities of interactive engagement that you observed when he was a little puppy. We’re so glad he was ours, even if his time with us wasn’t as long as we’d hoped. He lived his fullest, best life right up until the end.

Mollie loves her new view of life

We are amazed at how well Mollie has adapted to so many changes in the short month since she came to live with us.  Just five days ago we returned from the cottage in Pomquet to city life in Bedford and Mollie has adapted wonderfully.

She has a favorite spot in our second floor apartment where she can look out and keep track of activities in the neighborhood. She walks beautifully with her leash and, as you can imagine, she has received many compliments on her first class behaviour whenever we take her out.  She is so entertaining and loving.

You have given us a very special gift, Kathryn. Thank you for making this all possible.

Hugs to you,
Marlene and Ron and Mollie