Greeting from the California Girls

Poodle Selfie: Sandy & Lacey

Poodle Selfie: Sandy & Lacey

Lacey turned one year old on November 15th!  She is a fabulous and I love her dearly.

 We moved to a new house recently and Lacey is enjoying all the boxes. There are great walking paths by our home. Lacey has passed two obedience classes with flying colors. Occasionally she gets to go with me to the school where I am a teacher . The kids adore her!
Have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for raising such wonderful poodles.
Sandy and Lacey
Petaluma, California.
“Live… like someone left the gate open!”

Oliver immigrates to USA after long wait!

New Rules! The CDC (Center for Disease Control) in the USA passed new regulations for dogs crossing into the USA this summer.  There is a four week waiting period from the time of rabies vaccination until the animal can officially cross the border.  For a puppy the earliest a rabies vaccine can be given is age 12 weeks.  That means they cannot unite with new owners until they are at least 16 weeks old.

New owner Ann of Steamboat Springs, Colorado was anxiously waiting for Oliver when he arrived in Calgary, AB the day of his 16 week birthday.  They traveled from there to Colorado in a mutual hug.

Oliver finally arrives in the arms of his new "mom" - a happy new-union!

Oliver finally arrives in the arms of his new “mom” – a happy new-union!