Bridget: A long life full of love and happiness


I am saddened to tell you that our Bridget passed away this past October. We are so very grateful to have had her for 16, almost 17, years. This summer we celebrated her birthday in great style at our house in East Hampton with an evening walk on her favorite beach. She had slowed down the last two years, but we can happily report that she had the very best life. She was truly our family member. Our two children were mere toddlers when you sent her to us, and now they are young adults.

Bridget didn’t have a mean bone in her body, and she would lean on guests and look at them with her big doe eyes and melt everyone’s heart. She was a bit famous in among our family and friends as she had bountiful energy when outside, yet was sweet and docile when home. She was very attentive yet comfortable in her own skin and was never needy.

We all miss Bridget very much, and we know we need time to mourn her, but we also look forward to welcoming a new poodle puppy into our family when the time is right.

Tamara and family

SBF Punch: a tribute to all things Poodle

Punch & Jan with poodle friend

It’s taken me a few weeks to be able to let you know that we let Punch go on June 8th, 2017. His spirits were great but his body was just worn out and as the summer heat grew into the 90s he was very uncomfortable. No dog had a better life or made more friends both human and canine. Punch was a tribute to all things Poodle no matter the setting or circumstances. His good humor and good manners made him a favorite wherever he went.

Thank you again from the bottom – to the top of my heart -for entrusting us with this dog over 16 years ago.

We have another Irish Terrier puppy coming to us the end of August to fill the void…..but don’t be surprised to hear from us in the future when we are ready to once again be watched and managed by a poodle.

Best Wishes,
Brodhead, Wisconsin

Memories of Punch and his wonderful life



Bailey – memories of a very special dog

Bailey with Kim

Bailey with Kim

I am feeling nostalgic this morning looking at the last picture taken of Bailey three years ago on my wedding day. I have loved all my dogs but Bailey was my heart dog. We lived alone for many years and he was my constant companion. We went everywhere together. He took everything in stride: camping, staying in hotels, cottages, visiting family in hospital, being our dance mascot, visiting nursing homes, veterans hospital, just to name a few. He touched so many people’s lives. I remember one time I was walking him and an older lady asked to pet him. She got right down on her knees and hugged him. He just knew lots of people needed him.

He lives on in my heart every day.


Bailey the step dancing mascot

Bailey the step dancing mascot

Bailey reluctantly sharing Santa with kitties

Bailey reluctantly sharing Santa with kitties


Punch writes home

An update, penned by Punch, formerly of New Hampshire, sent in by his owner and admirer Jan Moller.

Greetings to friends at Fairhill Farm:

Last fall my family and I moved from New Hampshire to Wisconsin so I could be closer to my toddler-sized grand-nephews. I enjoy having them over to visit me.

I am still going for my morning walk, love a ride in the car and have a new not-so-high-off-the-floor bed on which to ease my 15+ year old body. I have my girls, Sue and Jan, well trained although sometimes they forget that I like mostly treats or chicken with just a little bit of soft kibble and that meal time is whenever I want it to be.

The girls at the Pet Salon think I am the best behaved poodle ever and they are gentle and patient when they bath and clip me; they understand that, for me, standing for long periods is kinda tough.

Hope all is good at the farm and that all the puppies give their new families as much joy and laughter as my girls say I have done for them!

Fairhill Farm SBF My Punch, frog hunter extraordinaire!!

Punch: still handsome at age 15

Punch: still handsome at age 15

PS This is a photo of me right after my April grooming

Bridget – the town & country poodle

Bridget & pony

Bridget & Pony

Gabby&Bridget in pool

Bridget Cools Off

Bridget will be fifteen years old in July. She has had an amazing life and since both of my kids were very young when we got her they have grown up with her. My daughter is in college now and my son in high school.

We could not have asked for a better dog. We live in NYC but go to our cottage every weekend. Bridget is well adjusted to both city and country life and is very special; kind, gentle, sweet-natured and just wonderful. She has always been very healthy but the past few months she is starting to show signs of her age.

We would love another puppy from you because we cannot imagine owning any other dog but Bridget so a puppy from your farm would be the closest thing.

Thanks kindly,

Belle lovingly remembered

Belle July 27, 2001 - January 26, 2016

July 27, 2001 – January 26, 2016

It is with the deepest sadness that I write today about the loss of my beloved Belle, the sunshine of my soul and joy of my heart.

Our Belle loved everyone she met – didn’t matter who it was or whether or not it was a cat or dog. She was gorgeous, proud, comical, whimsical, loving, guarded, curious, gentle, a trickster, quiet, graceful, swift as the wind, unafraid, funny, resilient, tolerant (mostly of her feline sisters who tended to curl up on her), and so much more.

I have awoken to her big round brown eyes looking at me everyday for nearly fifteen years. Belle filled my life with the real love that only such a special pup can give. My heart is full with the love I have for this precious girl and my loss is overwhelming and raw. She will never be out of my thoughts and I will miss her forever.

Rest in peace my beautiful princess.


It’s spring & frog hunting season is here!

Punch frog huntingGreetings from New Hampshire.

Here’s our boy Punch thrilled that the frogs are back. At 14+ years old he still loves spending his afternoons on pond patrol. When I say afternoon I don’t mean just a quick check of the brook and ponds but hours of walking the pond edges or back and forth across the brook. At his age he is a bit wobbly and sometimes comes in with a tail full of mud from having sat down unexpectedly but he is having a ball!


Jan Moller
Eastleigh House

Gryffin & Raven

You sent Gryffin* and Raven into my life over twelve years ago. I lost Gryff two years ago, but still have Raven who will be twelve this September. Losing Gryff continues to break my heart but sweet and always overflowing Raven is a comfort.    















P.S. In 2002 Deirdre wrote me the following:

The hardest part for us has been figuring out a name for him. We have, however, we finally picked one. In the spirit of my English teaching and our love for Harry Potter – Gryffindor is it.
*Quoting the Sorting Hat:
“You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart …”