Jazmine enjoys beach stroll

Jazmine strolls beach at Cape Cod

Jazmine just turned three years old in July and continues to be an absolute love! Like Sabrina before her, Jazmine’s favorite place is by the water and beach. She especially likes low tide even though she swims quite well, her favorite is wading rather than swimming. Jazmine enjoys racing and chasing the many seagulls on the beach. She also enjoys smelling the many crabs and oysters throughout the beach …

Thank you for filling our home with such amazing joy again!


Gracie and Georgie

Gracie & Georgie

Gracie is a smart and sassy, but sweet, little spitfire who continues to absolutely love the truck, car,  tractor, RTV – anything with wheels and an engine.
Gracie turns 4 next month. She has a 3 year old poodle brother, Georgie, who she raised from a little pup. They are different in their natures but are a good “brother/sister” team. She is definitely the boss.
Gracie and Georgie love to run, run, run… Gracie is usually in the lead. Georgie gives up after a while and just finds a stick and lies down, sometimes in his pool or frog pond. Gracie didn’t care for water when she was younger, but she’s deciding if he likes it, she’s gonna like it, too!



Jazmine at home

Jazmine continues to be an absolute joy, full of energy, and many kisses.  She walks our family at least five miles daily … and has a huge appetite!  She loves her toys, here is a picture of her with one of her absolute favorites!
Jazmine sends a huge kiss your way!
Thanks again for filling our home with such amazing joy with another one of your spectacular poodles!
Very Best & Good Health!

Hudson in his Happy Place


Life has certainly slowed down for us during this rather unusual time. Hudson doesn’t mind because there are more people around to play with him. This picture is from our morning hike. Hudson loves running and jumping over rocks and bounding through the trees. It’s our shared happy place!

We are still very interested in adding to our poodle family when the time is right. Hudson celebrates his second birthday soon. Please be sure to keep us in mind for future litters.

Thanks so much!

Christmas Greetings 2019

Merry Christmas from Mozzie

Keira Rose – Ready for Christmas

Tex & Kali with Luci the parrot

Ziggy loves BIG Christmas gifts

Polly G. & Christmas tree

Hudson, Lucy, Finn and Rosie

Four fhf poodles in St. John’s get together at the holidays, as they often do throughout the year, to wish all their kindred poos a Merry Christmas.

Beautiful Lucky

Our beautiful Lucky is a great part of our family who has made a better world for us.

Lucky continues to inspire me to keep healthy through walking (so far this year we have walked over 1650 km and still counting.) With his encouragement, I have lost a lot of weight and have improved my overall health. On those nights when I am feeling lazy he comes over to me, puts his head on my lap and stares at me with those big brown eyes to let me know he needs his exercise. It is almost impossible to deny that look – he is the best personal coach I could have! Lucky is in amazing condition and his veterinarian loves how muscled and toned he is.

Lucky and Jason

Lucky looking buff

Lucky loves the kids. His favorite activity of all is spending time with them; cuddling on the couch or playing in the yard. Each day, at about 4:30 pm, he stares at me to let me know it is time to pick up our youngest son from daycare. He is always ready for a car ride (another favorite thing of his) and especially a car ride that reunites him with the boys.

We spend our summer weekends in Belleisle Bay. If Lucky has a favorite spot to be this is it. He loves swimming and hiking with the boys. In particular, he loves fishing with the boys. When they catch a fish he gets very excited.

Lucky in formal attire

Family Swim

We are thankful to have such a marvelous dog. If I had have known how great it was to have a dog in the family I would have had one years ago!

Jason and family