News from Princess Pomme of Austin

Princess Pomme

Princess Pomme

Pomme is now six months old and weighs about 37 pounds. She is quite agile, has the characteristic poodle spring in her step and loves to stand on her hind legs. Although she is cautious when meeting new people she is brave and curious in the outdoors. She is quiet and doesn’t bark unless something is really disturbing her or she needs something and we haven’t picked up on her signals. Her bark is surprisingly deep.

Puppy class has been completed and we start Puppy Fun-gility in two weeks. Fun-gility is an introduction to agility without the jumps and maneuvers that puppy bodies are not quite ready to execute. Pomme was introduced to a small A-frame and the rocking board and she took to both almost immediately.

She has a “nose,” tracks in the backyard and is obsessed with following scents. Our puppy class had a day on air scenting and she did quite well. We may try a scenting class this fall after puppy agility is finished.


Strudel’s & Apple’s puppies journey to new homes in far off places

Jake: Travel Destination Syracuse, NY by way of Ottawa

Jake: Travel Destination Syracuse, NY by way of Ottawa

 Jake, from Strudel & Keeper’s litter leaves for his new home in Syracuse.  Patiently waiting for the holidays to be over and the weather to improve he flies out soon to Ottawa where his new mom will be eagerly waiting for his arrival.



Parrett puppy for California

San Francisco Here I Come!



Sandy’s new little sweetie-pie puppy will be flying across the continent to find a joyful new home in the San Francisco area.




Two traveling companions head to the sunny southwest USA

Two traveling companions head to the sunny southwest USA

Traveling together to Phoenix, AZ  these two puppies are finding a double bunk that is just right.  Strudel’s pup, Mac, final destination Tucson, AZ and Apple’s puppy with a new home waiting for her in Austin, Texas are traveling together.  It makes puppy sense and saves people some cents, too!



 We can always find room for just one more in the puppy road vehicle and this little girl decided to join the gang on her way to a new home in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

PS – Just found out my new name is Ruby – how great is that!!

puppy for BarkerOops: This kennel is too big for little me!

Oops:This kennel is too big for little me!

Farewell Lucienne

Dear Kathryn,

We are very sad to report that we said goodbye to Nova Lucienne last Sunday. We are devastated and miss her terribly.

 Last Sunday late morning she started displaying some indications of discomfort. Nothing dramatic, but she seemed uncomfortable for no apparent reason. We took her to the emergency hospital and by the time the doctor came in, which was not long, her abdomen was quite tender. We decided not to put her through surgery . . . to gain what might be just a few more months .

We are very thankful that we were home with her to comfort her as she passed. I know all dog parents are biased, but Luci really was quite remarkable. Physically, she was a specimen. She was a beautiful mover and she maintained her musculature and grace. Albert calculated that they probably ran around 3,600 miles together and she probably would have enjoyed a thousand more. Her personality was just as beautiful. She loved people and made everyone who came to our home feel welcomed. We never worried about her with children or adults.

 Thank you for such a wonderful dog and for breeding for health and temperament. It gives us some  comfort to see the other poodles on your website and to know that many of the qualities that Luci had are living in your other dogs and those dogs are bringing their people just as much joy as she brought us.

 Sincerely,  Albert and Jamie