Kali & Jagger of Riverview

Kali and Jagger

My husband and I have had two beautiful puppies from fairhill farm over the past twelve years. Kali is almost seven years old and is a wonderful companion. Sadly, Jagger died last August from lymphoma. He was the offspring of Shy Valentine (Pookie) and Zelda. He was the best dog we have ever owned. He was 12 years old, lived a full life and was only sick for the last two weeks of his life. His passing has left a big void in our hearts and even Kali was several weeks getting over the loss of her dog.

Riverview, NB

Magnificent Henry: A Life Lived Large

The Magnificent Henry McGuffin

Our dear Henry McGuffin passed away yesterday. We are heartbroken. He was a magnificent dog and lived life large. He had a great time every day, playing with his friends, running through the woods trails, or chasing a ball in the lake. He did everything with passion. We adored him for his character, his loyalty, his endless capacity to love, his athletic abilities, and his cuddles. He loved his little sister Remy Rose and they were very close. She is now sleeping in his bed, curled up on his pillow.

We never ceased to marvel at Henry’s character and intelligence. He was not always easy going, particularly when he determined that two dogs in the park were “playing wrong” and intervened. We once hired a dog behaviorist to help us sort out Henry’s personality. She said Henry was one of the most remarkable dogs she had ever met, that Henry was fiercely intelligent (which we knew) and a policeman who strived for law and order. He was never aggressive but would intervene when two dogs became too rough or when one was not playing by the dog rules. He was fondly known as The Sheriff or The King by everyone at the dog park who came to appreciate the role he played, particularly in training their rambunctious young dogs. He was a neighbourhood fixture, famous for his character and delightful personality. Since the news of his passing, we have received so many calls, emails and hugs – including from a tearful neighbour yesterday in the grocery store.

Henry was endlessly patient with young dogs and puppies as well as with small children. I have never seen another dog who allowed a puppy to hang from his ears! He was a wonderful friend to other dogs, and had in particular five close, lifelong friends who he saw regularly. Unfortunately two of them died in the past two years.  I know Henry still missed his neighborhood friend, Kasey, because he would stop by his house, look, and sigh.

Henry got to really savour this last Christmas. One of his favourite things was opening his presents so of course we made sure he was awash in things to open – particularly his beloved ‘dollies’ or squeak toys, and his favorite treats.

We have so many wonderful memories of Henry that we will cherish for the rest of our lives! Please know that we couldn’t have loved Henry more, and that he will always be in our hearts. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful friend.


The Story of Numi

A Remembrance

by Henry Machum


Numi came into our lives as the seventh member of a young family. She was the new “baby” of the family to the great relief of Mary, the previous holder of that title. At the time, the parents were in their thirties and early forties, and the four kids were all aged ten or under. We were blessed to have a dog come into our lives who was even more full of energy and a love of life than all of us. Being a young family of six we were poised on the brink of exploding with growth, energy, and vitality – ready to release ourselves onto the world.

Over the years the parents made their way into middle age, and the children grew into young
adults. Numi took this all in stride, and was all at once each family member’s confidante, their best friend, their snuggle buddy, and their constant source of joy and pleasure. She loved the park, the red sofa, the green chair, the back deck, sniffing everything and anything, resting her head on anything (even while standing up), Long Lake, cooking with her mommy Jane and cleaning up the scraps, boat rides and hunting buoys, drinking from streams in the woods, scratches under the chin, peanut butter, eggs and rice, and nuzzling everybody she met to get attention. Her proud owners loved receiving constant compliments about her beauty and her
vibrancy. One time a few tourists took photos of her when they thought we weren’t looking. We admired her patient, calm demeanor, her bubbly personality, and constant energy. Even when she was twelve years old she was mistaken for a puppy in the park as she ran along and played with the younger dogs.

Numi was the centre of our home life, shown by the hundreds of different names we
had for her (pup, puppyfur, nume, yoga dog, duck dog, bubble, snuggle pup, ted,
mutt-dog), our constant concern for her having gone too long without a treat, and the
hundreds of photos we took of her; including those of her in amusing and seemingly extremely uncomfortable sleeping positions. Our home will not be the same without someone calling out for Numi every five minutes seeking the comforting knowledge that she is close at hand.

Henry will remember feeling proud, at age ten, when she sat on his lap on her first car
ride home. Taking her to the field with his dad and brother to let her run, how much she loved treats, taking her to the park and Long Lake, taking her on the boat, playing fetch, and many, many hours spent on the red sofa before work or the back deck reading in the afternoon summer sunshine. He will also remember what could have been – the many names he had chosen before “Numi” was settled on, including Jenny, Broccoli, Ketchup, and Pringles.

Alexander will remember how she would raise her front paw every time he
approached her -he loved it when she placed its warmth on his foot or in his hand.
And he will remember many afternoons spent in the back room with Numi sitting in
front of him posing, blocking his view of the TV. He will remember coming home to
find her sleeping in his bed, head on pillow, the only bed other than the parents she
would agree to sleep on.

Amelia will remember Numi as a stable force in her life. Numi could share her
secrets and comfort her during difficult times. Amelia loved to put peanut butter on Numi’s nose so she could lick it off, and she loved to show off Numi’s beauty on social media. Amelia was a special friend to Numi, who loved to make her happy. She also taught her to “roll over” much later in life, when one would think “an old dog can’t learn new tricks”. She showed us Numi was not just any “old dog”. She loved Numi for her unconditional love, and gave that love back to her every day.

Mary, as the youngest, finds it difficult to remember a time when Numi was not a part
of our family. She will remember growing up with Numi, from childhood to almost
adulthood, and while her siblings became adults and left the house Numi remained as
a constant and comforting presence. They shared a love of wintertime, Sugarloaf, the
snow, and Christmastime. They also shared a love of fine and rich foods. Numi was
there when Mary started preschool, and she was in the car last week when Mary was
learning to drive, and for everything in between, and Mary will miss her companionship as she is the only child left at home this year.

Grant will remember his and Numi’s shared love of boats, driving, their love of being
outside and in the garden, and spending time with the family. They both had a
deep love for taking care of and providing a source of strength for their family, and he
loved Numi for the joy she brought to his family and especially his wife. Grant will
also remember Numi taking up a lot of space in between he and Jane every night on
their bed!

Jane will remember Numi as her constant companion through raising four children;
a steady and calming presence while running a household so full of life and energy it
felt like it would burst. Jane was Numi’s mommy and her closest companion, and
Numi loved and trusted Jane unconditionally and absolutely. As the kids grew up, Jane
and Numi spent more and more time together, through morning walks in the park,
picking up the kids from school and work, cooking thousands of family dinners, and
helping to “clean up” dirty dishes and pans. Jane admired Numi for her vitality up
until the very end, and her puppy-like demeanor in the park. While Jane’s children
grew up and became adults, Numi never lost that child’s sense of wonder, playfulness,
desire to explore, and rich love of life she shared with the young children she entered
our family knowing.

Our hearts were full of love and we were all proud of Numi’s strength and bravery as
she calmly and peacefully fell asleep in her favorite position one last time, with her
head resting on a pillow, and her family petting her and telling her she was a good dog
and that we loved her.

Roger Caras said “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” We felt that way about Numi and we sincerely hope that Numi felt the same about us.

Natal Day Poodles

We were just remembering that last year, on this weekend, we were bringing home two little puppies. They have grown into such nice dogs! Here are a few pictures of our vacation together in PEI in July; Remy & Nellie really enjoy playing together and have learned to love the water! Henry, Remy’s big “brother” seems to have bonded with both of them. Both Remy and Nellie have such sweet dispositions and it is hard to express what joy and fun they bring to our lives.
Happy Natal Day,
Gail & Ben and friends Charmaine & Cary

PS – Henry (formerly named McGuffin)  is also a Natal Day poodle.  It was 12 years ago that we brought him home for a “test dive” over the August long weekend and he’s still here and going strong! All three poodles have the same home-coming anniversary!


Remy & Nellie


Finney Shapiro: An Esteemed Poodle’s Life Remembered

Finney arrives in Princeton, New Jersey in 2005 and embarks on his puppy education

Big Smiles

Learning to sit is harder than it seems

Heeling is not so easily mastered

Finney undertakes an education in literature, music and the fine art of photography

Studying from books takes proper attire

Music has no half measures on the page or on the poodle

2009: Learning photography

After his lessons Finney finds time for partaking of life’s many pleasures

Waiting for dinner to be served – passing up the bread-stick!

Finney enjoys the garden

Playing with cousin Riley Stanton

The Well-Traveled Poodle

McAfee’s Knob on the Appalachian Trail, VA

New Jersey Shore

Being photographed on the shore of Lake Champlain

A Dog for All Seasons

Cross country skiing

Trekking the Princeton towpath

Playing with cousin Augie Stanton on vacation in Maine


It is with great sorrow that I report that our beloved Finney, born on May 30, 2005, died recently, at nearly twelve years old. He had been a healthy and happy dog until the end. Finney was the best of dogs: a loyal companion for us and our whole family, including our grandchildren as well as friends and neighbors. We miss him very much and are grateful for the years we had him.
With sincere gratitude,
Sandy Shapiro

Ella, In Memoriam

My perfect poodle, Ella, passed away in her sleep Jan 26th, 2017.
She was 12 in October.
She was my hiking buddy, work partner and loyal companion.
She was my best friend . . . and my heart is broken.

She truly was the best dog ever and everyone that met her fell in love.
Ella was a true testament to a wonderful breed.
Many poodles from Fairhill Farm are in Newfoundland because of her.

Ella, I will love you today and forever. Run free sweet girl.


Charley – A Tribute to a Gentleman Poodle

Gentleman Charley

Gentleman Charley

In early 2006 a beautiful litter of poodle puppies was born at Fairhill Farm. One of the boys was selected to fly all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada and then on by car to Scottsdale, Arizona. He was to be a namesake of the poodle in John Steinbeck’s book ‘Travels with Charley’. According to Steinbeck, “Charley was a gentleman poodle…”

Charley took his status as a gentleman poodle very seriously. He loved to go for walks, especially after being groomed. When people exclaimed “What a beautiful dog!” he would smile and prance around to make sure they got the full effect. He liked to admire himself in the mirror. And like most dogs he loved to run, but gentleman that he was he always came back immediately when called. Though elegant in appearance, Charley was sweet and loyal, and so gentle. And smart! Most things he learned required just a few repetitions, and he would remember always.

Charley was a joy to all who met him. He left to cross the rainbow bridge on July 24, 2016. He loved Starbucks pumpkin muffins more than anything, and I sure hope they have those on the other side.

With love – miss you Charley Bear
Laura Burke
Scottsdale, Arizona

Charley & Laura

Charley & Laura